Smoking Ban Illustration Luxembourg

An editorial illustration for Delano Magazine Luxembourg illustrating an article explaining the possible complete smoking ban in pubs and restaurants in Luxembourg.

From the article I wished to focus my illustration on the strong views of government and the impact that the smoking ban would perhaps have on the restaurants, bars and their staff. At the top of the illustration two large hands representing the government are taking down a large poster, holding a new poster for 2011. The poster the hands are taking down shows a couple in a bar, one is smoking. The disappearing of this as the poster is being taken down. At the bottom of the illustration a man in a chef’s uniform and a waiter are trying to keep the old poster up. Representing a restaurant’s view about the ban, doing all they can to stop it.

I used brown wrapping paper, think cards, biro pen and pen and inks to create the illustration. My favourite element is the waiter balancing on the ladder, I tried to show desperation it show his view. The figure has movement in it, as the papers making it up are broken where his leg joints are. The papers used to create the simple figure give create a puppet like figure.