London poster illustration

A poster, advertising a new online magazine for London, UK. The magazine consists of the major events and venues going on around the city, a modern, fresh layout letting locals and tourists know the latest news.

I was given the text to include on the poster and told to create an energetic illustration with many places in London included. My sketchbook was filled with drawings of the sights, using a fine black pen.

I wished to produce a sketchy feel to these using a range of mark making to indicate the speed of the new events added to the online magazine and the energy, variety of places to see and things to do in London. These sketches were then scanned onto the computer and I incorporated the images and produced a layout that married the text and images together. The different parts of the illustration are overlapping and interlinked to show the continuing events added online by the magazine.

The clean, blue back ground complements the detailed sketches and made the text stand out.