Charles Rolls & Henry Royce Illustration

Editorial illustration in response to an article about the beginning of Rolls Royce cars, the story of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. Produced for Welsh Country Magazine, a lifestyle magazine based in Wales.

Black pen and ink are used, linking to the way people would have written at this period. A line of the first Rolls Royce cars, slowly move cross the bottom of the page, leaving space for the text. Capturing every detail of the model through careful observation, but leaving ink splashes and imperfections. Splashes of vibrant colours were added later using watercolour to bring energy and show how they were so modern and fresh at the time. The adding of colour also adds movement to the image.
In the left top corner sits Sir Henry Royce and on the right sits Charles Rolls, the drawings were created by observing old photographs, the organic marks partner nicely with the old characters. Flashes of colour added, a link with the cars below. Each colour symbolising perhaps a sections of car designed by one of the two characters.