Canape Illustration

In response to “Canapé”, a piece of writing for a London online magazine. The text was a modern adaptation of “the feeding of the 4,000″ from the Bible. A crowd discuss what they are going to eat in frenzy, the leader at the back of the room then expresses his opinion. The language used in the text included shortening of words and modern English sayings.

Through the illustration I wished to show the energy and movement that comes across from the words. I decided to do this through energetic mark making and careful positioning. Basic shapes created by ripping brown paper, then bringing these to life by adding marks where needed using pen and ink. The colour of the paper and slightly rugged texture represents the age of bible, where the base of this story is from.

The leader stands with a strong pose, in a business suit to add another modern element to the story. I used Photoshop to add flashes of colour to the figure to further strengthen his dominance and again modernise the story, reflecting and adding to the text’s elements. A clean, fresh background with lots of space to let the figures stand out and enhance the strong shapes further.