Cafe loyalty card

This loyalty card illustration is part of an advertising package created for a new café in Birmingham specialising in cupcakes. They produce hand made cupcakes, carefully crafted in their in house kitchen. When asking the client what they wished to be presented in the advertising, they said a strong organic feel, including detailed illustrations, portraying their organic message clearly.

When completing research of the company I experienced the warm, organic and slightly quirky atmosphere in the café, which partnered well with my illustrations. Armed with a box of cupcakes to work from and of course very importantly taste, the project began.

The illustration within the final product was created using watercolour and pen and ink. Using bright but natural colours captured the organic textures to portray an attractive food product.

Repetition of the illustration on the business card is for practical use, where each stamp would land for the customer to receive their reward, as well as communicating the layout and quantity of products in the café. All of the advertising products within for this company are linked using a strong use of colour, layout and unique illustrating style. The logo of the brand was added to the top left hand of the card.

The work needed to target a range of ages and be fun with a strong use of imagery to communicate the artistic perfection they strive to create with their products. It was also important that the work was a form of attractive advertising which any customer would be happy to pick up, keep and show to their family and friends.